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A Personal Chef is someone in charge of a kitchen who prepares palate specific meals for clients to enjoy later. They help families to gather around the dinner table together or allow singles to eat healthier and couples to enjoy quality time with the food they love.        

Time starved busy people hire Personal Chefs in order to eat better. They enjoy foods prepared just for them using the freshest ingredients with just the right amount of herbs and spices.

Need portion controlled foods?

Following a specialty diet?

Have a favorite cuisine or family recipe?

Are you vegetarian or do you just want to eat a more well balanced meal?


I can help you feed your family well balanced meals while saving you time and energy.  The first step is to call for a consultation and determine your specific needs. We'll fill out a questionnaire and be on our way to simplifying your meal issues.

Services are customized to client specifications, so the cost depends on a variety of factors.


Weekly and Biweekly plans are available for 2-6 people.


 "Cooking done
with Joy is an Act of Love"


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