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The Chef will do your extra grocery shopping. The rate is by the hour and specialty items which require additional time and expense will be charged accordingly.

Organic and farm stand items are no problem as the chef encourages the use of sustainable cuisine for your lifestyle and cooking procedures.

Low Fat, Low Sodium, Low Cholesterol items are no problem either, just inquire in advance.

Small pantry items required to complete your meal service may be provided by the chef who carries a “Small Pantry Box” of necessities. Items are charged accordingly as needed.

Only top quality oils used to cook with.

Fresh Herbs are used in many applications so please note if any allergies or sensitivities apply to herbs or spices.

Pantry Organization

Chef will clean and organize your pantry, refrigerator and freezer. Discarding old and outdated items and reorganizing areas to make it easier for you to find things. Makes a list to replace items at next shopping time if the client desires

Hourly Rate Applies

Services are prepaid with a grocery deposit based on meal plan chosen.

Any balance due is invoiced to you and paid by check or cash. Credits due will be applied to balance of next cook date or mailed to you.

No refunds or cancellations after groceries are purchased.

24 hour cancellation notice required prior to booked cook date

A $30.00 Fee for returned checks and a $50.00 lockout fee applies for any scheduled cook date if unable to get in to home without adequate notice.


Please call if you have any questions.


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